Sergei’s New Comfortable Bed.

Good Blender for European Customers.

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Sergei’s New Comfortable Bed

Last week my son Sergei turned 24. Earlier that week we asked him if there was anything special he wanted for his birthday. He told us he wanted a bed. As you probably have read in our books, since hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 1998, we have enjoyed sleeping on hard surfaces. Now, Sergei said, he wanted to sleep “as normal people do,” and had even saved some money for it.

We went to the furniture store and asked for the firmest mattress available. The store manager offered us a “buy-one-get-one-half-price” deal. We ended up buying a second bed for Valya.

When night came, Sergei and Valya were excited to go to sleep in their new beds, which looked comfortable and inviting.

The next morning I woke up to find my children actively wrapping up their new mattresses and stuffing them back into the van. Curious, I asked, “How did you sleep?”

Sergei said, “I slept great the last two hours of the night on the floor, next to my bed”

Looking rather tired, her hair in disarray, Valya added, “I also tried very hard to fall asleep on that damn mattress.”

“So, what now?” I asked

“I am taking the mattresses back to the store. I have another idea…” Sergei replied.

A couple of hours later, Sergei went to the hardware store where he spent $108 for plywood and other materials. He went to work, building Valya and himself wooden mattresses.

The next day I asked, “How did you sleep?”

“I have never slept better in my life,” Sergei answered.

“Me either,” said Valya.

I thought to myself, “now I know what I want for my next birthday.”

Excerpt from Victoria’s book 12 STEPS TO RAW FOODS (New Edition)

Sleep on a hard surface: our bodies need to stretch out at night. All the bones and joints can only stretch out when we lay on hard surfaces. This is especially important for the spine. During the day, the spine is improperly positioned while driving, sitting in front of the computer, and watching TV, so that some spinal joints don’t get adequate spinal fluid and blood enriched with oxygen. My entire family prefers to sleep on hard beds or on the floor in sleeping bags. You should see us sleeping on the floor around the king-sized bed in hotels when we travel. If we are forced by circumstances to sleep on soft beds, we wake up feeling achy, and not rested.

12 Steps to Raw Food

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In Health, Victoria

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