Interview with SergeiInterview with Sergei

This movie was created spontaneously from scratch, without any scenarios, or rehearsals. Watch Sergei being funny, serious, goofy, smart, at play, at work, and, of course, preparing and enjoying delicious raw food. Recorded by Valya Boutenko during the fall of 2006.

What is it like to live on a raw food diet? What are the benefits of eating raw food? Does raw food get boring after a while? What do raw-fooders eat on a daily basis? Are raw-fooders lonely weirdos? How can one eat raw food while traveling? How is a raw food life different from any other lifestyle? Watch Sergei discuss thes and other issues in this hilarious and inspiring video.

Running time: 45 Min

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Customer Reviews

--"This video is a must have for all those interested in a raw food diet. Sergei tells his story of how he had diabetes as a child and it is now gone. He has been eating raw food since he was 9 years old. I enjoyed learning about how his experience benefited him and the way he has lived a life that embraces raw food as his diet."

--"Sergei is a joy to watch. He is very dedicated to raw food and loves to share this with people. I would recommend this DVD. It is educational and fun to watch."