Is Raw Food for You?Is Raw Food for You?

A sincere and heart-warming Lecture with Victoria Boutenko. In this DVD Victoria tells her remarkable raw food story, and explains the 4 levels of addiction to cooked food.
"Is Raw Food for You?" was a keynote presentation at North America's premier natural health show, Total Health. In this lecture, Victoria tells her remarkable raw food story and explains the 4 levels of addiction to cooked food: chemical, biological, emotional, and spiritual. Victoria believes that being aware of our multi-level attachment to cooked food can help us transition effectively onto a raw food diet and stay on it successfully for a lifetime.

Running time: 60 Min.
Recorded Live in Toronto, Canada

Price: $14.95

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Customer Reviews

--"Enjoyable video from a passionate raw foodist. Victoria is very approachable and sincere in her beliefs about the philosophical and health benefits of converting to a raw food diet. Her lecture is laced with humor in an earnest attempt to reach her audience. The video production quality is less than superior, however her message is communicated regardless. This video contains basic level information on the raw food lifestyle. If you are already well versed in raw food topics then this will likely be redundant for you."

--"Don't be confused by the title of this DVD, raw food is for everyone. Go beyond the title and view this DVD, there you will find answers to instantly begin improving your health. The information will provide you with necessary tools to help in improving your health. Victoria has held true to her mission and continues to share her findings with the world; she is a true inspiration to all who desire better emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. "