The Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening

12 The Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening

by The Boutenkos

There is no knowledge more important than the knowledge of listening to our body for the sake of our own health. We have an illusion that someone from the outside can heal us. If anybody can heal us, it is only ourselves. It will take centuries for science to learn the hopelessness of the attempt to push the everchanging human body into frames of scientific theories. But it is possible to know what we need to do here and now for our health. It is possible to learn to listen to our body's voice.

An inspiring story of a family that became desperately ill with serious diseases, like juvenile diabetes, arrhythmia, asthma and arthritis. By changing their diet radically to a Raw Food diet, all four of them went from desperation and sickness to complete healing and happiness. Written in a very unique format of a family chronological biography. Contains 30 colored pictures and 33 delicious raw food recipes.

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Customer Reviews

--I love this book. I found it inspiring, truthful, concise, and obviously born of a mothers love. My husband, a lifelong meat-and-potatoes man, read this book and literally became a raw foodist overnight. This book taught him in one read what I had been unable to in 7 years. This book very well may inspire you and your family to become healthy, happy, and harmonious. Beautifully sincere and possibly life altering book!"

--"Get this book. It will change your life. It is fun & easy to read. Well written. You will not get this information from your traditional doctors and pharmacists! LOL! Take control of your health, be good to yourself! Learn a new way of living. Eating food shouldn't make you feel sick, it should leave you feeling energized and happy. try it. you'll like it! I'm not 'raw' yet, but I am moving there. Her new book is also fantastic, "Green for Life". She is motivational and encouraging."

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