I lost a lot of weight on a raw food lifestyle and my relatives were very concerned about my health. After I added green smoothies to my diet, four weeks ago, I gained already 5 kilos! I make my smoothies of greens and bananas. Thank you so much for your help!

A.G. from USA


At Christmas time I was given the book Green for Life by my mother.  I live up in Seattle. My mom came up to visit and she gave me your book and showed me how to make a green smoothie.  I’ve had one almost every day since then (about a month).  Within 2 weeks of starting them, I had an incredible energy boost.  All my life I’ve been severely anemic and tremendously fatigued.  This resulted in depression, emotional dependencies, and feelings of being afraid and overwhelmed by life.  It felt like I was relating to people from a far distant place because I knew I didn’t feel like they did and I didn’t have a lot of energy to engage with them. I felt somehow outside of the human experience. Sometimes I wondered if I was going to make it.

Now, after drinking green smoothies, I have steady, reliable energy that carries me through the days with enthusiasm.  I feel like I have a new chance at life – at age 44.  I finally get to see what it is like to live with an adequate supply of energy.  I can be more neat and organized and do much more than I could before.  I drink less coffee and need less sleep.  I wake up feeling alert in the mornings.

K. B. from Seattle, USA


Three months ago my doctor wanted to put me on lipitor, hypertension medication and phosomax for increasing bone density. I am 64 years old, so far in good health, and have tried on and off to eat only raw food, but have not been able to do so for very long. I read about your green smoothie research, bought the book, and was given three months ‘grace’ by my MD, who told me a number of times that i would not be able to reduce my cholesterol level of 260,  ‘no one ever can’. Three months later  he called me with the news that by blood test result was 223, he appeared to be somewhat stunned. In the short conversation we had, he used the word ‘amazing’ 4 times, and gave me huge credit three times, (weight loss 12 lbs, blood pressure down to normal), and this is a rather taciturn man.  So thank you!   The green smoothies combined with raw and lightly steamed vegetables, was an easy way to eat even in the last three months of a New York winter. It is interesting to note that my MD did not ask me how i achieved this result!
Elisabeth -NY


I wanted to share with you the magic Green Smoothies have worked on my well being. My idea of being “good to myself” used to be having a cup of coffee with a danish…. a hard-core carbohydrate junkie. After a few weeks of drinking 3-4 cups of Smoothies a day, I have lost all taste for sweets, coffee and other cravings! I no longer have hunger pangs all day long. I have regained the energy I had 20 years ago.  My arthritis pain is all but gone, and all without any “effort” or denial. To put it plainly, I’ve never felt better!  I have my sister to thank for introducing me to “Green for Life” and you for sharing your knowledge with the world.

L. P.


I met a lady on a plane who had your book and was so excited about the green smoothies.  She was so passionate about her experience with drinking green smoothies that when I got home I bought kale, apples, and lemon and made one.  I loved them too and I ended up ordering your book.  I’ve since got into experimenting with different flavors.

I am not a pill taker and after much research on the type of foods that might reduce BP, 5 years ago I dropped taking 8 BP pills a day.  I carefully monitor my BP daily and keep a diary.  I have been able to maintain it at roughly 138/85 for the 5-year period.  I wanted to let you know that since I started drinking the green smoothies three weeks ago, my BP has dropped 10 points.  Wow… and it can only be from the green smoothies because this is the only change I have made.

Thanks so much you have helped a great deal and I am raving about your book to everyone.

SK – BC, Canada


A year ago, I started breaking out around my chin with adult acne, and for the first time in my life, my breakouts were

leaving behind scars.  I tried several different acne skin routines and nothing worked.  I didn’t know what to do and was so concerned that if another year passed, my skin would be covered in scars.  Having always had beautiful skin, I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle that and was beginning to feel a great deal of anxiety about it.  However, one bright, sunny day, a dear friend of mine told me about green smoothies.  I knew I wanted to do them for my health alone, and I immediately started incorporating them into my diet by drinking 1 quart daily. Something wonderful happened.  After about 6 weeks of daily green smoothies, the blemishes that were leaving scars stopped appearing!  I have tested out the smoothies many times by going several days without them, and each time I do, my skin starts to slowly breakout again.  I cannot thank you enough for your green smoothies – they really have saved my skin.
S.M – Dallas, TX


Three months ago I counted my life as pretty much over. To me living was a slow dying and dying was the final end to my suffering. I am twenty-five and was in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk the ten feet from my bedroom to the couch in the living room without panting for air and feeling the spasms in my back start to take hold. I had been this way for over six months and I lost every hope of every being able to walk on my own again. I was beyond miserable; I was more than two hundred pounds overweight. To make matters worse, I also had advanced sleep apnea; it was so bad that I could not even use the C-PAP machine that most sufferers use because even at full power it did not provide me enough air to allow me to breathe at night. I never made it to REM sleep at all and most nights frequently woke up two to three times from lack of oxygen. I was beyond conventional help. Because of my poor sleep, I was exhausted all day long and I would literally fall asleep every five to ten minutes no matter what I was doing, or where I was. So my life became brief moments of being awake in pain and struggling to function as best I could before I fell asleep again. I was depressed all the time and cried on a daily basis, usually for nothing.

Then a month ago my aunt and uncle who are into raw foods invited me to come to Oregon and stay with them for a while and try raw foods to see if they could improve my health at all. I figured that I would give it a try — since nothing else had worked — and I was sure that the way I was living and by the severity of my health I would never see my thirtieth birthday. On my first day I decided to try and walk and within less than five minutes I was in tears. My back just wouldn’t let me move. That day I went 100% raw and I started drinking Green Smoothies. I pushed myself every day to walk a little further. By the end of the first week I was able to walk the thirty feet to the barn, I could stay awake for hours and I even felt like I was starting to lose weight! It has been over two weeks now and I am still 100% raw. I have lost twenty-five pounds, I can stay awake for the whole day, and yesterday I even hiked, yes, hiked a quarter mile hill that is on the farm. I couldn’t believe it! When I reached the top I sat down and cried, not because I was in pain, but because I walked! That is the farthest I have walked in over a year, and it’s just the beginning! My whole attitude has changed too, I am no longer depressed, I have a positive outlook now. I feel like a new person inside and out. I know that I have been given a second chance to live and that raw foods saved my life. I will never go back to eating and living the way I was before. Who would want to trade this miracle of life and health for a few moments of food? Definitely not me. I think about all I have accomplished in two short weeks and I know that in the future I can do anything because I am alive now, and I have strength and energy. I would totally urge everyone to give raw foods a chance to help them improve the quality of their health and lives. I want everyone to feel as wonderful as I do.
J. S., Sacramento, CA


For 4 years I suffered from a painful planter’s wart on the ball of  my left foot. I reluctantly watched it grow over the years from the  size of a pencil eraser to the size of a dime. I tried everything to  get rid of it. I tried the conventional over the counter medicine  like the freezing kits, Salicylic acid solutions and the medicated  bandage pads. When that didn’t work I scoured the internet looking  for some magic voodoo cure. I tried duct tape, banana peels, tea tree  oil, open flame and crazy glue. I would perform my own surgery on it.  When none of those worked I tried them all in combination. The only  thing I didn’t try was applying a potato and then burying it in the  garden as I thought that was just ridiculous.

I always hated going to doctors but this time I was desperate. My foe  was beating me and I wanted victory. I decided to consult a  dermatologist who recommended painful laser therapy. It was  terrible…. needles in my foot and painful zapping of the wart. The  smell of burnt flesh in the room was disgusting. Well I went back 3  times and each time the doctor was more determined to kill it and  would turn the intensity of the laser up to way past normal settings.  On the last time the skin on the wart and surrounding it was burnt  right off. The skin the size of quarter was gone and only muscle was  showing. It bled for 2 weeks and was becoming infected. After using  some antibiotic cream it finally started healing and it appeared the  wart was gone too. Well after the first layer of skin came back so  did the wart. I was devastated. I even tried some of my old methods  to try and get it at the early stages but nothing could stop it’s  return.

I was beaten and resigned to the fact that I would have this wart  until it was ready to leave and no time before.

Around this time, I had decided to try the raw food lifestyle after a  friend had turned me on to it. I heard Victoria on an interview with  Steve Prussack talking about her green smoothies and how her family’s  warts had vanished after drinking them. Well here was something I had  never tried. I started drinking the green smoothies daily and within  3 weeks I noticed my wart wasn’t throbbing like it used too. It was  still very visible but it felt different. I told my wife “This is it  honey, it’s going away I know it”. She was very skeptical and would  inspect it assuring me that it was not. After a month I was sure it  was dead and sure enough after 2 months all that was left was a pink  scar from the laser therapy. What a relief!!!!

I’m a big believer in the power of greens.


Thank you for getting this 59 year old man off blood pressure meds, and making him feel like he’s in his 40s again! And better! Arthritis gone in hands  and I’ve only been green smoothie-ing for 8 weeks. My hair is mostly white and beard is 100% white for 20 years and  now I can count a couple dozen dark brown hairs in just 8 weeks!
My golf game is now better than ever, maybe since my college days.
And the sex life, quantum leap…
A friend (a true one!) named Dennis Baird gave me a copy of your Green for Life Jan. 25, and I’ve have been 100% raw since that day. Your green smoothies made it so damn easy! I had been a modified macrobiotic, eating seaweeds, land veggies,  brown rice and seafood. But I have never felt this good on ANY diet!

Michael -  CA


I began my green smoothie adventure in May of 2009. I was introduced to green smoothies by a street vendor (Daniel) at our local farmer’s market. It was yummy, but more importantly, it was a way for me to get the greens I knew I needed, into my life. I was impressed with Daniel’s spiel about the healthy benefits of green smoothies and I took his suggestion to buy Victoria Boutenko’s book, ‘Green for Life.’ I was so enthusiastic about what I read that I attended one of Victoria’s ‘Joy for Life’ retreats near Mount Shasta. I have since realized that the book is a classic. It has certainly changed my life and the life of my family. We have purchased more than thirty copies of it from and given them away to friends and doctors and wellness centers.

After reading ‘Green for Life,’ I bought a Vita-Mix blender and began experimenting with my own recipe for green smoothies.
Victoria’s warning about her invention was right. If you begin drinking green smoothies every day, and I drink about a half gallon daily, you’d better have a hobby to help you burn all the extra energy you will have.

I now sleep one hour less every night than previously and always wake up feeling great. It is nine months since I bought our blender and I have effortlessly lost about twenty-five pounds. I have so much energy that my sixteen year old daughter has had to join a twelve step group to help her stop rolling her eyes.

I can’t believe how it has affected my life. Projects that were unfinished have been easily completed and I have time to begin doing things I “didn’t have time for.” My wife and daughter began drinking green smoothies while witnessing what was happening to me. They are now both hooked as well.

It is my job to purchase the ingredients and to make sure there are always plenty of green smoothies on hand. If I ever fall just a little behind, one of them will comment on how I need to get it in gear and get some made. The girls have become vegetarians and I am a vegan. I have stopped taking all supplements and vitamins and of course, due to my vegan diet, I have watched my cholesterol numbers decline dramatically.

What can I say? Never a day goes by that I don’t tell someone about this miracle. I believe that someday, Victoria’s secret will become known worldwide as the cure for the health problems caused by the way we eat today.

RJ Jones – San Diego


I have read all of your books and am GRATEFUL for the information you are so kindly offering to the world.  I was so tired of just EATING, my diet was healthy cooked foods, but I had to eat a lot of meat due to hypoglycemia.  Hated my diet.  Was not allowed to eat any fruit, period.  9 years I was on this diet.  I was overweight and could not lose one pound, aged drastically, arthritis, no energy, felt awful, constipated all the time.

I was really happy to find out about the raw food diet, but was hesitant that it would work due to the hypoglycemia.  Anytime in the past I tried to go back to being a vegetarian (cooked food), my blood sugar would drop drastically.  After reading as much as possible, I took a leap of faith and began the raw food lifestyle, about 60% raw.  A month after beginning, I saw you at Loving Life Cafe in New Oxford, PA (now in Hanover) and started doing green smoothies.  It has made ALL the difference in the world!  And my husband now drinks them with me whenever I have them.

Hypoglycemia is GONE, what a RELIEF.  I can’t tell you the absolute joy I receive everytime I eat FRUIT.  Arthritis is GONE.  I sleep like a baby. My eyesight has improved, got some new glasses.  Lost 25 pounds.  I feel GREAT, renewed, rejuvinated and HEALTHY.



I was diagnosted with cataract before the publication of your book Green for Life. This cataract had regressed from 40% to 10% by the time your book was published.

Well, I am very, very thrilled to report that this cataract is now GONE, GONE, GONE!!! This is nothing short of a miracle, and it is really thanks to your enlightened, inspired and encouraging information about GREEN SMOOTHIES!

It is like having a new life on your eyes, all of a sudden!

And this is only what I can SEE, imagine what rejuvenation my internal organs are getting!

Deanna A. Gontard

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