It was two months after I attended Victoria’s “Joy for Life Retreat”.  Despite the glowing health, weight loss and incredible calm I had felt during the retreat, by late May I was eating large amounts of animal fats, meats and pastas, coffee drinks, bagels and ice creams.  If it didn’t have salt, sugar and dairy products in it…you probably wouldn’t find it on my plate.  The exception was green smoothies.

I loved my smoothies and continued drinking 1 to 2 quarts a day after Victoria’s retreat.  Memorial Day I woke up at 4:00 AM and felt weird as heck.  My left arm and left leg just weren’t working right. I staggered to the bathroom.

I chewed a couple of aspirin and crawled into bed.  By the next day my speech had returned. I got to my Doctors before him and sat on his front porch.  He walked up to me and said, “Why are you leaning to the left?” He sent me over to St. Joes Hospital for testing. In a little over 24 hours, I had recovered 90% of my functionality and strength.

I went through all the tests.  They all came back negative.  Their conclusion; due to obesity and hypertension I had suffered a stroke.  But, because of green smoothies they couldn’t find any medical traces of the stroke.  Because of green smoothies I recovered unbelievable fast. What my Doctor told me was really lousy eating caused my obesity and cardiac issues, eating superb nutrition, had saved me.

I still struggle with the siren call of the SAD (standard American diet) but I never struggle with my green smoothies.  It is what keeps me out of hospital and in a happy, productive life.  I’ve lost 20 lbs and plan on loosing another 65lbs.

My favorite smoothie depends on what season it is, Summer – kale and watermelon, Fall – parsley, apples, cinnamon, Winter – spinach and pineapple, Spring – dandelions and mangos.

There are days when I wish I could just fix a glass of delicious green stuff for everyone on the planet.  Childhood obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States as well as heart disease and cancer.  The answer is simple and easily within our grasp.

Kate, Michigan

I started the Raw Journey one year ago this February. One of the first books I read was “Green For Life”.

Since reading that and starting to drink Green Smoothies everyday, I have lost over 40 lbs. and have stopped using a breathing machine at night. Getting dairy out of my diet was the key. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years but was still not as healthy as I am today. I still ate dairy, processed meat substitutes, and other processed vegetarian foods.

Now I am 80-90% RAW!!

I drink a full Vita-Mix blender of Green Smoothie everyday. I look younger, feel better and am sleeping wonderfully. I really feel that Green Smoothies are the answer to so many medical conditions that people suffer from. I wish everyone would drink them.

My husband and I have taken Certification classes at Living Light Culinary Art Institute in Fort Bragg to achieve our certification in “The Science of Raw Food Nutrition Educators” by Dr.’s Rick & Karen Dina.We are now spreading the word of Green Smoothies and Raw food. It is our dream that everyone can and will experience the wonderful and miraculous benifits of Living Food.( especially Green Smoothies)!!!!!!

- Jeanne, California


This testimony goes out to all the “big fellows” out there. I was the guy who when given an option of beef or pork in my burrito said both and add some extra cheese while you’re at it. I am the guy who was offended at the mention of it costing extra money for extra toppings. The very sight of my obvious excitement at an all-you-can-eat buffet caused the managers to quiver with fear. I was the guy who was shocked when asked if I would like salad with my steak. Salad? Can you imagine? No, send me some wings instead. I was the one who honestly believed that Rocky Road was not just an ice cream but, for the brave, a way of life. I loved this stuff and it was killing me.
I was grossly overweight and actually ashamed of myself. That’s when my wife started researching about raw foods. One of her friends mentioned about the green smoothies. It was a bit thick but cleverly delicious. Each new dinner creation that my wife presented to me was both refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t instantly hooked, but after choosing to put my health first, I actually started to like it.
I have been drinking green smoothies a little more than three weeks now and I feel more alive than ever. Just the other morning I woke up before my alarm clock! That has happened a few times in a row now. I have never been a morning person and now I wake up with so much energy. It was almost scary to be so alert, but a welcome change. The most exciting thing is that now I crave the good stuff. The greener the better! I have lost a lot of weight. I really don’t know how much but I have gone down from a size 48 pants to now a 42 (almost 40) and I’m not done yet! This is all still new for me, but I have felt the difference and I am not going back. Now, I have the energy and desire to exercise. I know the weight will keep coming off. The food is not only delicious but for all you super sizers it’s also surprisingly satisfying. So, to you my friend I say, “Jump in.” Start living. This is real; this is good; this is right. Some people might say that I am extreme but I choose to say that I am RAW. A big shout-out to Victoria for teaching us how to eat healthy and to drink those delicious green smoothies. More Please! :)
Mr. R.R.V.:


The past three days I’ve drastically increased the amount of greens in my smoothies…and…MY CRAVINGS TURNED OFF.Just stopped. Bang. They’re just gone. I’ve now decreased the amount of fruit I was eating, and am finally losing weight! BROADCAST THIS INFORMATION TO THE WORLD! Do you know how exciting this is? To have long-standing, strong cravings just vanish???? After years of cravings hell? There are millions just like me, who’ve suffered cravings hell. This is the solution! Thank you, Victoria, for a wonderful book!

R. J. from USA


After switching to a raw foods diet and lifestyle I lost 160 pounds. And it has been the most incredible experience. Words can’t describe it, you have to experience it yourself. What does that mean losing 160pounds? It’s an incredible relief, not just the stress on my organs or the stress on my psyche or not sleeping enough. It’s just a loving embrace of myself and being happy to be at a weight that give me neutrality, meaning that I can do anything.

Eddie. R


I had eaten 100% raw and lost over 100% but I went back to SAD and now I have started back to 100% raw and need to loose or reloose 80 pounds.  I have done just raw and exercising but this time I have included the green smoothies.  My smoothies usually have 4 c. romaine lettuce 1 or 2 c. parsley, kale or chard and 4 cups spinach.  Drinking the smoothies I have found several interesting things I wanted to share with you.  1) I need less calories than before 2) My body appriciates the blending of the greens and after a couple of weeks of blending them when I try and go back to even a small salad, I get a stomach ache.  My system does not like the heaviness of the salad cut greens 3) my weight loss has happened faster than before.  I have lost over 20 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks and do not feel I am starving
Tanya.E – USA

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