It’s been 9 days that I’ve been eating my dandelion greens/mango smoothie every morning. I want to share the feeling I have inside as I’m eating it. It’s almost the same feeling as being thoroughly parched and dehydrated on a hot day, and then how you feel as you drink cold water in abundance. As I eat my green smoothie, I feel like I just cannot get enough–my body just wants more and more and more. It is so good and so satisfying!

My blood sugars have been great, although no changes with my insulin. I have not eaten fruit since January, so I’m thrilled to have them back and working so well with my diabetes!! Thank you both for your passion and sharing it with me and so many others.



My wife was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 13, and in recent years has been injecting 31 daily units of insulin. When we began pursuing raw foods as a way to manage her diabetes, and due to her response to the raw foods – down to 17 daily insulin units – we continued taking steps forward. After 3 months of eating 100% raw food, we began a two week orange juice fast. The fast wentwell, and through extensive documentation, we noticed patterns that would suggest her body creating it’s own insulin. During the fast we saw her insulin units go down to about 4 while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


I am a mom of three children, one of them has Type 1 Diabetes. A short time after Matias was diagnosed with Diabetes, I decided to give raw food diet a try. From the beginning I noticed a big difference in every member of my family, which pleased me enormously. Matias needed a lot less insulin. Thank you for the green smoothies!!



My name is Alex Romanov, and I am writing this in thanksgiving for the help I received from the Boutenko family, which has forever changed my life.

As an adult, I was diagnosed as a type one diabetic. This was determined by the results of a C-peptide assay performed at Century City Hospital in Los Angeles, California while under the care of Dr. Englanoff. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a septic condition of the blood. I was in end-stage diabetic Ketoacidosis. It was determined that my body was no longer producing insulin.

The news that I was diabetic came as a total shock! Looking back, I realize that I had been experiencing various symptoms for some time. These included frequent urination, insatiable thirst, pain in my feet and legs, blurred vision and slow healing of cuts and bruises. Continue Reading

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